We're offering a full range of APP services for almost any web-industry related company.


We seek what is in the best interest for our clients, so we focus on offering complete project visibility from start to finish. Our goal is to maintain a communication channel that helps bridge the gap between our clients’ idea and their satisfaction or even delight! Our projects are collaborative and we include every perspective that our clients may have, to deliver products that are beyond acceptable. That’s our Promise!

UI/UX Designs

Creating spellbound professional designs that are simple and clean yet visually appealing is our USP. We ensure all our apps are designed to make our users focus solely on the app and not the navigation. Our approach is to analyze user experience in real-time and work on every aspect affecting the end-users’ behavior to deliver a quality experience that results in call-to-action achievements.


Being our clients’ technology and development partner, we assure to provide complete product support from day one and will update a client’s app as needed. Whether it is consulting, selecting developers, post project support or localization of an application, we will be available to our clients on demand.


Our mobile app development team is not only adept in creating apps out of our clients’ ideas, but it is also experienced in developing both mobile and web apps using advanced concepts of data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, thus staying ahead of the current technological trends, we create customized mobile solutions working seamlessly across all platforms and operating systems. We, at FaceConnect, strive to get the best feedback from both our clients and the app users.


With a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee through our flawless mobile application development process, we insure all products are delivered to our clients on time and in a professional manner. We ensure every product we develop undergoes full QA functionalities on multiple devices and in multiple environments to ensure your app is exactly what it should be.

App development with machine learning

  • Flexible payment options
  • Protyping Plans for quick MVP
  • Daily Development Meetings with Dedicated Scrum Masters
  • Monetization strategy and Ecommerce
  • Funding and Investment attraction Strategies
  • Development Partnerships
  • App hosting and Related Services